Massage pavillion

Pamper yourself with a massage and beauty treatments in our „Beach Pearl“ massage pavilion directly at the beach with a view of the sea.

Treatment Price in Seychelles rupees
Full body massage (approx. 60 minutes) SCR 1.200,00
Shoulder & neck massage (approx. 20 minutes) SCR 400,00
Back & neck massage (approx. 30 minutes) SCR 800,00
Reflexology massage (approx. 30 minutes) SCR 720,00
Manicure SCR 400,00
Pedicure SCR 480,00
Pedicure & Spa SCR 640,00
Full Facial (approx. 35 minutes) SCR 720,00
Mini Facial (approx 20 minutes) SCR 480,00

Note: Please book your treatment at the reception desk at least four hours prior to your appointment. Payment will be charged to your room account.

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